BHUJANGASANA:Cobra Pose MANTRA: “I rise joyfully to meet each new opportunity.” Benefits: *Helps you feel relaxed and reduces anxiety *Stabilizes digestion *Stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdominals *Lifts your mood *Tones the arms *Decreases stiffness in low back *Invigorates the heart HOW TO PERFORM COBRA POSE: Lie face-down on the floor with yourContinue reading “COBRA POSE – “I RISE JOYFULLY””

Weight Loss: Is timing everything?

For millions of years our genes have been reacting according to our patterns of behavior.  If we keep this in mind when looking at our bodies tendency to store or use fat as as energy, it makes weight loss quite simple.  Let’s say you walk 10 minutes after a meal as opposed to before aContinue reading “Weight Loss: Is timing everything?”


Having been in the fitness industry for ten years, I can say from experience that one of the major roadblocks which impedes client’s progress is the “I don’t have enough time in the day for exercise” statement. As a firm believer in the idea that even 5 minutes (of intentional movement) a day will keepContinue reading “FIVE MINUTES DAY KEEPS THE BACK PAIN AWAY!”

Day 23- 11b at PG

Today’s first was getting up an 11B rated climb at Planet Granite, SF.  I have only had success up to 11A routes till now.. Thanks for the push, rockstar Paul! This does a great job of breaking down Rock Climbing Ratings – from 5.0 to 5.15: **Of course climbing OUTSIDE is way more challenging thanContinue reading “Day 23- 11b at PG”

Day 7 – Movement to be moved

Fly, Fly, Fast, Grow do not stop Do not be afraid to see all A masterful shape shifter adapts to all circumstances and situations with magic, speed and agility. Today’s First: Ecstatic Dance at the 418 project perfoming arts center. Ecstatic Dance is “a unique expression of global movement”.  The guidelines are as follows: MoveContinue reading “Day 7 – Movement to be moved”

Day 6: Majestic Manresa – Barefoot Beach Run

    Today’s first: Barefoot beach run on Manresa State Beach before work   Sunshine, salty air, western sandpipers – What a glorious way to start the day, my goodness. Especially after all the rain we have had here in NorCal! Easy 6 minute drive off of Highway 1 (exit San Andreas Rd if headingContinue reading “Day 6: Majestic Manresa – Barefoot Beach Run”

Day 2 – New Nature

Early a.m. Loop Trail Run at Pogonip Park in Santa Cruz, California Loop: Spring Trail to Brayshaw Trail to Prarie Trail to Pogonip Creek Nature Loop (hard right) to Lookout Trail back to Spring Trail *Getting Here *Enter from Spring Street, free parking 🙂 Directions from highway 1 heading North into Santa Cruz: exit ontoContinue reading “Day 2 – New Nature”

Day 1 of 100 Day Challenge

Coming into 2017 with steady balance on rocky ground!  First challenge this go around is to stand on a stability ball.  My 2017 resolution is to do one new thing a day for 100 days straight. I did this in 2014 and soaked in some of the best experiences (and most amazing smiles with friends!)Continue reading “Day 1 of 100 Day Challenge”


We found that Adho Mukha Svanasana was one of the steadiest poses (though not easy!) to try.  Key points were to start with a wider stance then usually and to maintain a strong contact with the center of your palms on the board.  Engaging our legs more than usual also seemed to steady out theContinue reading “PADDLE BOARD YOGA CANCUN”