In 2005, Kate became a nationally licensed Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (  She believes in an integrated approach to wellness that addresses the whole person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Her mission is to empower clients with the right tools to actualize transformation.  An advocate of first clarifying what needs to be changed and then setting action steps towards these changes, Kate will guide you along your path of transformation. 


What a “Holistic” approach means:

 As a Licensed Holistic Health Coach, my goal is to encourage you to live a life of quality – from the inside, out.  Starting with your diet, we will work together to clear up the confusion around healthy eating and find out what diet works for YOU as the unique individual you are.  We will focus on cleansing your body of processed food and nourishing it with natural, whole foods to have you feeling full of vitality. 

When we have clarity we are able to recognize what changes need to be made in our lives. When we have vibrant energy we are motivated and able to make those changes. Here is where our sessions get fun.  Rather than solely discussing the food you put on your plate, we begin to dive into your Primary Food. This is where lasting satisfaction takes place.

Your Primary Food consists of: 

Open and honest relationships – how are you interacting with those around you? Is your communication honest and full of integrity or are you holding back? How do you feel around your partner or spouse? Good? Bad? Anxious?

Satisfying Career – Our work defines us, it is where we spend the majority of our day. Are you happy where you have landed? Is there room for minor adjustments or a need for a major change?

Physical Activity – have you found the right type of movement that you enjoy and keeps you energized or are you depleted and stagnant? 

Spirituality – Do you feel connected to something outside of yourself and have a way to tap into that on a daily basis? 


  • Goal Setting, Physical Wheel of Life, Time Management, De-stressing, Lifestyle Suggestions, Thought management, Mindful Communication, Easing Anxiety, Overcoming Depression, Finding Purpose
  • Hydration Tips, Healthy Breakfast Options, Greens, Juicing, Dairy, Minerals, Vitamins, PH Testing, Candida and Candida Testing, Food Combining for Optimal Digestion, Natural Sweeteners, Gluten Free Options, Ketogenic Diet, Deconstructing Cravings, Warming Foods for the Pancreas, Yin-Yang Balance, Eating for Your Blood Type, Ayurvedic Profiling, Organic – Dirty Dozen and Clean 15, Truth About Soy, Healing Power of Herbs, Quick and Easy Healthy Meals, Macronutrients, Micronutrients.
  • Breathing Exercises, Yoga Instruction, Strength Training Form, Self Trigger Point Release, Mindful Eating.
  • Adrenal Fatigue, Brain Fog, Lack of Motivation, Skin issues, Low Back Pain

Life is too short. If you aren’t excited at the start of a new day, perhaps some shifts need to be made.  I would love to help guide you in heeding your own intuition.  If interested, contact me for your free initial consultation. 

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