Weight Loss: Is timing everything?

For millions of years our genes have been reacting according to our patterns of behavior.  If we keep this in mind when looking at our bodies tendency to store or use fat as as energy, it makes weight loss quite simple.  Let’s say you walk 10 minutes after a meal as opposed to before a meal.  Do you think your body would react differently?  If you answered yes, you are correct.  

Image result for feet walking

When you move around post eating, your system is not sure whether or not you are moving on to the next hunting ground and hence will not store the food you just ate as fat.  On the contrary, if you consume a meal and then sit down your system thinks ‘aha, I don’t need this food for energy, I think I’ll store it for later use”.  
All this being said, if your goal is weight loss – consider the timing of your movement and exercise. Perhaps take a stroll after your biggest meal to send your metabolism into action.   As a side bonus, your digestive system will thank you for the movement! 

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