Michael Boucher Sonoma, CA

“Kate motivates and encourages me to push my boundaries. She helped me recognize that my physical limits were far beyond the psychological ones I had placed upon myself. Her scope of knowledge is inspiring and constantly expanding. She has dozens of tricks up her sleeves to work the same muscle groups in different ways, which makes working out with Kate always exciting. Her knowledge and sense of humor are the perfect mix for an awesome trainer. In fact, I have never had so many laughs while working out.

Whether your goal is to run a marathon, compete in a triathlon, hike Mt. Whitney or climb El Capitan, Kate will get you to where you need to be.

Kate was my trainer and now she is my friend. She is an awesome human being. Consider yourself lucky if you get to train with her.”

Beth Hausmann, SF, CA

“Kate is incredibly positive and has great energy that is infectious and I always leave her feeling energized and focused. Her workouts out are always fun and challenging. Whenever I have a question, Kate takes the time to explain and give me suggestions that are easy to put into practice so that I can get to the next level. If you want great results and have fun at the same time, Kate is the one for you!”

George Bolton, SF, CA

“I started with Kathleen Clemens four months ago. I was out of shape and at 5 feet 9 inches weighed a whopping 208 pounds. I now weigh 188 pounds, am much stronger and importantly feel great! Every workout is different and fun!”

Katrina McNeil, SF, CA

“Kate is amazing! She transformed my body in time for my wedding and I will have those gorgeous pictures for the rest of my life. Train with her and you will NOT regret it!”

Mary Janky, SF, CA

“I worked out with Kate for over a year. I am an older person and hate working out. I was skeptical about using a personal trainer and doubted that I could do the workouts. But Kate is very supportive and she listens and makes adjustments. She always told me how the exercises affected specific parts of my body. Her knowledge of the body and how it works is amazing. She encouraged me to keep going when I didn’t want to. The best thing about Kate is that she makes working out fun. She taught me how to box!! That was so much fun! She’s a gem in the gym!

Erika Sheetenhelm, SF, CA

I have been going to see Kate once a week since last November.  I am a pretty lazy person when it comes to working out, and I have a lot of body aches pretty much on a daily basis.  Kate hones our training sessions to work with my personal needs and goals.  She is never negative about my limitations and distracts me from the hard work by chatting with me about what is going on in our lives.  I feel “reasonably” sore for a few days after each workout, and I feel like I keep getting stronger. The best I feel all week is when I walk out of our training sessions.  After pushing me for 50 minutes or so, she helps stretch me out and even rubs the tension out of my back muscles!  Lately she sets aside 15 extra minutes a week to chat with me on the phone about what additional exercises I should be doing. Basically, I can’t imagine a better trainer than Kate.

Tommy Guilfoyle, SF, CA

If a qualified and fun personal trainer is what you need, look no further. Kate Clemens rocks! This year was my first season competing in triathlons. The results I achieved from training with Kate surpassed all my expectations. Her mind, body and spirit approach to fitness is unique and refreshing. She truly loves what she does and you’ll benefit from that. Thank you Kate!

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