Day 82 – Shark Fin Cove

Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days” new years resolution was to scope out Shark Fin Cove just south of Davenport, CA.  I had to drive up to San Francisco for work and this item list was conveniently right on the way.. a must see!  While it is clearly aContinue reading “Day 82 – Shark Fin Cove”

Day 68 -Davenport Pier: “An Abandoned Pier that is a Photographer’s Dream”

Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days new years resolution” was to trek down a sketchy trail to scope out Old Davenport Pier (originally intended to go to shark fin cove, but encountered this gem in route).. This unique spot is the site of old concrete pier ruins in theContinue reading “Day 68 -Davenport Pier: “An Abandoned Pier that is a Photographer’s Dream””

Day 59- play it again

Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days” New Year’s resolution was to  go into a store that I drive by all the time, play it again sports. “Play It Again Sports can help you trade your quality used sports and fitness equipment in for something new, used or for cash.Continue reading “Day 59- play it again”

Day 54- Kiting (5m) with Kylo

  Today’s first was challenging, lots of kite for this little person! I had an awesome teach tho, always makes all the difference, only ate it once 🙂  today’s first was to fly Ky’s 5 meter kite, I have flown his small one, 2.5 meters, once before.. Super impressed by his new tricks, back flips,Continue reading “Day 54- Kiting (5m) with Kylo”

Day 46-early eve by the sea

Today’s first was taking photos down in capitola by the sea.. glorious night out, wish I had been in the water! Next time 😚 Capitola village by the sea is one of the oldest vacation retreats on the Pacific coast. Before the resort was founded, Soquel Indians lived here for more than 2000 years. AfterContinue reading “Day 46-early eve by the sea”

Day 29 – Santa Barbara Sunset

Today’s first  – watched the sunset (tailend of it!) from Arroyo Burro State Beach in Santa Barbara (aka Hendry’s beach by local residents).  It was one of those sandy sunsets that enlivens the soul, wish I had pictures to do it justice.  But you had to be there.. romanced by the smell of the sea,Continue reading “Day 29 – Santa Barbara Sunset”

Day 19-early am New Brighton beach (wow) run

“One Look Worth Ten Thousand Words”… Today’s first – early a.m. beach run at New Brighton State Park *You can park at corner of Park Ave and Coronado St, beach is a 2 minute walk across tracks, see end of blog *Suggest winter time or early a.m., only saw 3 other folks – all lovelyContinue reading “Day 19-early am New Brighton beach (wow) run”

Day 17- Pleasure Point at civil twilight

Today’s first: Headed to pleasure point, famous surf spot in Santa Cruz, CA.  Got there right at Civil Twilight (just after sunset).  Was reminded of the phases of ‘twilight’.  Threw the info down at the end of this blogpost, this site is great if you want to know the exact minutes for your local area: reading “Day 17- Pleasure Point at civil twilight”