Day 68 -Davenport Pier: “An Abandoned Pier that is a Photographer’s Dream”

Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days new years resolution” was to trek down a sketchy trail to scope out Old Davenport Pier (originally intended to go to shark fin cove, but encountered this gem in route)..

This unique spot is the site of old concrete pier ruins in the quaint coastal village of Davenport, which now is just a set of concrete pylons that used to hold it up. Davenport is located just North of Santa Cruz, on the northern edge of the famed Monterey Bay Peninsula. The town has a whopping population of 408, probably why the energy that surrounds it is so calming.  Certainly worth the stop when driving on hwy 1.  The pier is a spot known to attract photographers from all over wishing to capture the eerie but beautiful scene in one image.  Proof of this was the gent you will see in the pictures – photographer Justin – who I met while making the descent.  IMG_7797


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