Day 29 – Santa Barbara Sunset

Today’s first  – watched the sunset (tailend of it!) from Arroyo Burro State Beach in Santa Barbara (aka Hendry’s beach by local residents).  It was one of those sandy sunsets that enlivens the soul, wish I had pictures to do it justice.  But you had to be there.. romanced by the smell of the sea, the salty air on the lips & the music in the waves.. AH moments like these the make one BELIEVE!

Grateful to my gut instinct to cut the trek back north into halves rather than a straight 8 hour drive in the car.   Don’t have to work until 4pm manana, so made so much more sense and I was able to soak in a little SB vibe – added bonus.  I’m staying at an airbnb, the couple who are the hosts are awesome and were so generous to give me a last minute discount when they found out I was from NY (their daughter is in college out there!).  Sometimes the stars just align..

OK, here are a couple of pics.  They pale in comparison to the live experience.. Hope 2017 is treating you all swell!


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