Day 100 – Mission Complete!

ONE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  SEVERAL LIFE LESSONS LEARNED.  This new year’s resolution ride of one new thing a day for 100 days has been full of diversity, new smiles, breathtaking places, fresh knowledge, growth, some discomfort, quite a bit of anxiety!, self-doubt, self-realization, laughter, tears, gratitude, a new found ability to let go of perfection, andContinue reading “Day 100 – Mission Complete!”

Day 98

Picnic Lunch with Haley at Legion of Honor and Holocaust Memorial **I think the European’s are living it right.. every lunch break should be a picnic in the park.. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL:  Holocaust Memorial at California Palace of the Legion of Honor (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) The Holocaust Memorial at California Palace of the Legion of Honor is a Holocaust memorialContinue reading “Day 98”

Day 83

Richardson Bay Audubon Society and Sanctuary Ways to enjoy our Center & Sanctuary Bird watch Hike our 1/2 mile trail Check out an Exploration backpack Join a drawing class Join a bird walk – 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:15am Have a picnic Explore our beaches Volunteer Tour Lyford House Join an education programContinue reading “Day 83”

Day 69

Today’s first was again an unexpected tangent during the daily work routine.  When you keep your eyes and ears wide open magic can ensue. 🙂 After a super long weekend and 5:40am Monday morning bike ride into SF for work (Spring Forward DST not adding any love to the equation!) my 4.5 hour rested mindContinue reading “Day 69”

Day 65 – Be Still

The unplanned ‘firsts’ have proven to be the most valuable lessons 🙂   Today’s first: spontaneous 5 minute outside seated meditation.  Need to do this more.  MOVEMENT IN STILLNESS. Challenging for me.  My nature is to flow.  But wow, the power of being still.  There is an essence within, a knowing, something so prevalent atContinue reading “Day 65 – Be Still”

Day 63

Cartoon Art Museum 655 Mission Street *San Francisco, CA 94105 * (415) CAR-TOONFirst Toonsdays – The first Tuesday of every calendar month is “Pay What You Wish Day.”     EXHIBITIONS The Cartoon Art Museum exhibits pieces that represent the history, contemporary development, creators, design, and processes underlying the art forms of cartoons, comics, digital animation, illustration,Continue reading “Day 63”

Day 62

Juice at Project Juice (polk street, SF) with Nkechi    always fun rolling through SF with Nkech, even if for a quick rendezvous..she is a fellow  Integrative Nutrition graduate.   Akeem giving us a generous taste of their Greens line.. from earthy to sweet (one right in the middle with a splash of lemon & appleContinue reading “Day 62”