Day 69

Today’s first was again an unexpected tangent during the daily work routine.  When you keep your eyes and ears wide open magic can ensue. 🙂 After a super long weekend and 5:40am Monday morning bike ride into SF for work (Spring Forward DST not adding any love to the equation!) my 4.5 hour rested mindContinue reading “Day 69”

Day 34

Fun first: fold(dissemble)/unfold(assemble) & take for a spin a bicycle.** **(On a side, more real note – during the quite organic manifestation of my ‘first’ experience today, something random caught my eye as I felt a pull towards it.  When I was getting out of my car to head into Odyssey bikes for a foldContinue reading “Day 34”

Day 22

Day 22 – Glass of vino at Barrel House in Sausalito I was so tired after a long work day but so happy to be recharged by my amazing friend J Scott’s energy(our conversations tend to always invigorate the mind!) So grateful we had this ‘first’ on the calendar.  Happy Hour overlooking Angel Island andContinue reading “Day 22”