Day 69

Today’s first was again an unexpected tangent during the daily work routine.  When you keep your eyes and ears wide open magic can ensue. 🙂 After a super long weekend and 5:40am Monday morning bike ride into SF for work (Spring Forward DST not adding any love to the equation!) my 4.5 hour rested mind had forgotten about the ‘new a day’ extra task on top of work day.  Hit me on the ferry ride home across the bay (yes, really rough commute ;)) and figured I’d hopefully stumble upon something.  Sure did.  Always a better life experience on 2 wheels versus 4.  Pace is that much more slow and hence movement is more mindful.  Had I been in a car would have never spun by this gem:


Our Mission

The mission of Educational Tall Ship is to construct a historic and sustainable wooden tall ship for the San Francisco Bay Area. The project will provide on the water and shore-based experiential education for students of all ages, both during construction and after completion. Programs will focus on marine ecology, sustainability, teamwork, leadership and the rich maritime history of the Bay Area. 

Our Vision

 Educational Tall Ship will inspire people to celebrate and experience the rich maritime history of the Bay Area, learn about and preserve our delicate ecosystem and provide life-changing experiential learning opportunities for youth of all backgrounds, now and for generations to come.

Upon completion, the Matthew Turner brigantine will provide for an additional 12,000 students per year to experience educational programs with our ‘on-the-water’ partner, Call of the Sea.















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