Day 62

Juice at Project Juice (polk street, SF) with Nkechi 



always fun rolling through SF with Nkech, even if for a quick rendezvous..she is a fellow 

Integrative Nutrition graduate.  


Akeem giving us a generous taste of their Greens line.. from earthy to sweet (one right in the middle with a splash of lemon & apple hit the spot). 

N downing the “Flu Shot” Elixir – 




** Cool place, the only issue was that their juices are HPP (info below) – not technically as fresh as you can get, but there is currently a lot of controversy on this subject. 

high pressure processing (hpp), also described as high hydrostatic pressure (hhp), or ultra high pressure (uhp) processing, subjects liquid and solid foods, with or without packaging, to pressures between 100 and 800 mpa. process temperature during pressure treatment can be specified from below 0 °c (to minimize any effects of adiabatic heat) to above 100 °c. vessels are uniquely designed to safely withstand these pressures over many cycles. commercial exposure times at pressure can range from a millisecond pulse (obtained by oscillating pumps) to a treatment time of over 1200 s (20 min). in contrast to thermal processing, economic requirements for throughput may limit practical exposure times to less than 20 min. pressures used in the hpp of foods appear to have little effect on covalent bonds (tauscher 1998; 1999); thus, foods subjected to hpp treatment at or near room temperature will not undergo significant chemical transformations due to the pressure treatment itself. hpp may be combined with heat to achieve an increased rate of inactivation of microbes and enzymes. chemical changes in the food generally will be a function of the process temperature and time selected in conjunction with the pressure treatment.


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