Day 100 – Mission Complete!


 This new year’s resolution ride of one new thing a day for 100 days has been full of diversity, new smiles, breathtaking places, fresh knowledge, growth, some discomfort, quite a bit of anxiety!, self-doubt, self-realization, laughter, tears, gratitude, a new found ability to let go of perfection, and a reassurance that my passions in life are nature, living in the moment, new horizons, and people.  Speaking of the latter, met some new amazing folks – as well was reminded of what magical ones I am fortunate to already know.



Today’s “first” was toasting to 100 days at Cline and Jacuzzi Wineries in Sonoma – complimentary tasting, caught the tail end at 5pm which was ideal because I was able to indulge in conversation with the Sommelier, Laura. Below are a few pictures.  After the tasting I sat outside to reflect on the completion of this 100 days project.  Sure was fun.



Truly is not about figuring out the perfect path, but rather about connecting with others along the way. Being aware, open, and of assistance wherever you see fit.


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