Day 65 – Be Still


The unplanned ‘firsts’ have proven to be the most valuable lessons 🙂   Today’s first: spontaneous 5 minute outside seated meditation.  Need to do this more.  MOVEMENT IN STILLNESS. Challenging for me.  My nature is to flow.  But wow, the power of being still.  There is an essence within, a knowing, something so prevalent at the core that was not born, that will never die.  Cannot be created, cannot be destroyed.  The piece inside of me that is inside of each one of you.  Our soul I believe.  Rare during the daily grind that I truly tap into that in the physical sense.  It is accessible any moment we want to touch it, but it takes practice and patience.  We are so much more more than these physical bodies and these roles we are born into.  Each a teeny tiny insignificant part of a significant whole – something so extraordinary I cannot even begin to fathom.  Today’s first brought me into a space of such gratitude.  So lucky I am to have legs that move, eyes that see, skin that can feel the wind dance on its face.  Life is not easy, that I have felt first hand multiple times, but it sure is a gift and I do believe we are here together to make the journey that much more meaningful.  Be good to you, and be good to those around you.

“The earth has music for those who listen…”




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