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      What cultivates our gratitude, or our lack there of, is our attitude toward whatever we meet as our daily lives unfold. How we approach our work, how we respond to interactions with family, friends, or someone we just met – the words and energy we choose to use in each moment immensely affects the way we are in this world. Can we slow down long enough to recognize the marvel in the small and quiet aspects of life, or are we too hungry for more, too distracted by what is coming next? In my humble opinion, gratitude = great attitude. When we slow down long enough to see that everything, like human existence itself, is nothing short of a miracle. Perhaps this awareness will teach us to mindfully respond rather than habitually react as we navigate each day.

Let’s remember that our minds were designed to repeat, our system as a whole likes routine and patterns. The beauty here is that we get to choose which patterns are helping or hindering our existing in a state of gratitude. I find it helpful to ask myself simple questions such as these:

1. How am I communicating with my family, friends and colleagues?
2. What have I contributed to the world today?
3. Did I align my thoughts today with material that I truly value and know is right?
4. Did I slow down and take look at myself today or did I fall prey to the temptation to judge others?
5. Have I organized my day in a way that allows me to be still for a moment and reflect on all I have to be grateful for?

These questions are not meant to overwhelm, but instead to serve as tools for making a change. The power lies in choice. I find that the more mindful I become in each moment, the more inclined I am to make a great choice. This encourages me toward a great attitude and we all know where that leads us. Yep, to pure Gratitude.


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