Day 99 (already!?)

Wow cannot believe how fast this year is flowing by.  Today’s first found me on two wheels above the fog, riding through what may be heaven..   First: Took bike up to Pantoll Road, hopped on foot for Simmon’s trail to Barth’s Retreat Picnic Area.  The path definitely was more amazing than the destination onContinue reading “Day 99 (already!?)”

Day 96. Random connections are the best reminders

I was on my way home from picking up supplies for today’s first when plans were thwarted by an impulse to pull over and walk along the water.  Shortly after, I found myself immersed in deep conversation with a complete stranger, right away friend.   Really the magical moments in life come when our heartsContinue reading “Day 96. Random connections are the best reminders”

Day 93. Always more details to soak in even along a familiar path..

(have soaked in this view on my road bike trekking up Hawk Hill from the Golden Gate..morning was a neat for layer during climb, clear skies on the descent..) Took five minutes today at the top of my Marin Headlands ride to read a sign I have cycled by plenty of times. As I staredContinue reading “Day 93. Always more details to soak in even along a familiar path..”

Day 61

Visit to GROW – A Sustainability Themed Art and Garden Education Center Adorable and knowledgeable Star gave me a quick tour.. This is their Aquaponic System/Fish Tank.. awesome they had 100% growth rate in their seeds (planted in peat pots).  All of Grow’s plants are native 🙂  yarrow – smells so good, make a veryContinue reading “Day 61”


Goodness gracious how the time flies. Today’s ‘never done that’:  Tacos at Joe’s with new and awesome on many fronts friend, Brandi HISTORY: The Legend of Joe and his Tacos Born to the tough streets and hard-scrabble youth of South Philly, Joe turned itinerant bohemian, a lifestyle that took him across the country in searchContinue reading “Day 50 HALF WAY THERE!”

Day 31

My off the beaten path personality has deprived me of this local, popular gem for too long!  Today’s first – hike to Tennessee Valley Cove/Beach via TV trailhead parking lot with the one and ONLY Mia.  The company was as illuminating and inspiring as the serene surrounding nature.  I get on my knees and thankContinue reading “Day 31”