Day 72

Today’s first – Tour of Rover’s Tea Fountain shop in Mill Valley. Image

ROVER: (has been importing and ‘designing’ teas for 40 years – really interesting to speak

with, learned a lot)




We import and sell about 350 different fine Gourmet Teas from suppliers all over the world. Our founder Horst Rover Benecke has a history of designing teas, setting trends and being active and respected in the world-wide tea trade as well as the tea accessories industry for over 30 years and works, consults & collaborates with contacts and International sources of teas and supplies that are prestigious and trustworthy.
If you want the very best and most interesting teas, rare tisanes and spectacular blends at great ‘Factory Outlet’ prices, TeaFountain is the right place to shop – either on-line through our Secure Ordering System, in our Retail store, or using our sources as a vendor in the gourmet food industry.



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