Foraging for Mushrooms with Mia!

Today was a first for me, I have never foraged for mushrooms (pretty cool that my friends live a short stroll from here).  Mia’s husband gifted her with the mushroom bible for Christmas, she’ll be a fungi expert in no time Unexpected added bonus – thank you engineer neighbor, Luke! – another first: ride an electricContinue reading “Foraging for Mushrooms with Mia!”

Day 81

Definite FIRST!  Officially became a Godmother to the cutest Godson ever.. Aidan Joseph Hardy.   While my church is the outdoors, my lovely older sister still chose to ask me to embrace this special role and I found the experience in her church quite special.   Magical day.   Fun sidenote ‘first’.. my mass forContinue reading “Day 81”

Day 44

Today’s First: Climb Rope with an Ascender – After a quick how-to by master tree climber Kylo, felt ready and had a ton of fun.. Thanks Ky 🙂 The Rob Hill Campground was the perfect location and the sun came out just in time for our escapade.  (By far the best coffee break this month, again..what youContinue reading “Day 44”

Day 31

My off the beaten path personality has deprived me of this local, popular gem for too long!  Today’s first – hike to Tennessee Valley Cove/Beach via TV trailhead parking lot with the one and ONLY Mia.  The company was as illuminating and inspiring as the serene surrounding nature.  I get on my knees and thankContinue reading “Day 31”