Day 43

Another reminder that there are new, amazing experiences to be had all around us.  All we need to do is be THAT much more alive and awake to witness and soak in the beauty..

Deciding on my first today was nagging my soul, felt the need to have a wild first – blaze a trail, acquire a new random skill, learn something admirable – and yet reality of work responsibilities and managing ‘life’ in general rained on my livin’ the dream parade.  But as we all know rain allows for rainbows. And I found one in my own backyard when I allowed a pause during my commute home.   I must have passed this “mill valley candleworks” sign one hundred times since moving into this in-law 3 months ago and somehow had still to cross its paths during business hours.  Boy was my nose grateful for the walk in today.. aromatherapy soothes the soul!  Meeting the Father/Daughter team behind this family owned and operated store was the most memorable part of this experience. I am single, 32, family across the country on the east coast.. hence I can be a bit mushy when it comes to familial relations.  (absence makes the heart grow fonder?!)  Really though, today reaffirmed WHO YOU ARE WITH is just as or more important as what you do.   




Father and Daughter Owners/Operators: Riana and Micheal – so friendly and knowledgeable. 

You can have a look in the back where they make the candles.. pretty awesome..







yep.. that’s what it’s all about.. 


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