Day 96. Random connections are the best reminders

I was on my way home from picking up supplies for today’s first when plans were thwarted by an impulse to pull over and walk along the water.  Shortly after, I found myself immersed in deep conversation with a complete stranger, right away friend.  

Really the magical moments in life come when our hearts can remain in an opened state. When we can let go of ‘self’ and ‘other’ and live in tune with the energy that links us to everything and everyone we encounter. 

While the wine and cheese relaxed my body as the evening set in, the conversation with Dawn about existence and death – two things I dwell entirely too much on! – soothed my soul.  To understand and be understood.  I believe that may be the simple answer to remaining grounded for those seeking a path to truth.   “experiment with becoming comfortable with uncertainty, then see what happens.  What we call uncertainty is actually the open quality of any given moment.  When we can be present for this openness – as it is always present for us – we discover that our capacity to love and care for others is limitless.” 


Today’s first: Glass of wine on the water at Acqua




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