Day 86 – Sky’s the limit

Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days” new years resolution was to take an intro flight lesson at ATP flight school in Hayward, CA.  The weather conditions were ideal, a little chop here and there, but clear skies otherwise.  My instructor, Rich, was wonderful. Flying over the golden gate bridge (whichContinue reading “Day 86 – Sky’s the limit”

Day 93. Always more details to soak in even along a familiar path..

(have soaked in this view on my road bike trekking up Hawk Hill from the Golden Gate..morning was a neat for layer during climb, clear skies on the descent..) Took five minutes today at the top of my Marin Headlands ride to read a sign I have cycled by plenty of times. As I staredContinue reading “Day 93. Always more details to soak in even along a familiar path..”

Day 59

Historic sites ROCK.  Fort Point Site, today’s first.   Fort Point has stood guard at the narrows of the Golden Gate for over 150 years. The Fort has been called “the pride of the Pacific,” “the Gibraltar of the West Coast,” and “one of the most perfect models of masonry in America.” When construction beganContinue reading “Day 59”