When Feeling Sad

      One of my favorite clients (and dear friend) recently told me she was feeling sad.   I wanted to quickly respond with “I hear ya, life’s tough!”, but having been through many of my own bouts of sadness, I knew that response would get her nowhere. So, in effort to help her and anyone on that boat, I’m creating this post on what I’ve learned about getting through those moments…


When feeling sad, down and out – like life isn’t going our way nor are we seeing the fruits of our labor.. it’s time to slow down even more and listen.. what is the universe trying to tell us?  Is there a message? Does a shift have to be made or is this just a temporary state of sadness that all we humans feel – a natural part of life. If it’s the former, get quiet and see if you can hear that message. If it’s the latter, keep in mind that it’s the humans who are able to enter into these temporary states with the wisdom that they are just that (temporary) who will thrive in our world. They feel the emotion from head to toe, honor it, accept it, recognize it’s wisdom and then let it the heck go

When you find yourself struggling to ‘stay positive’, don’t force it – as my gal Mia Falco recently reminded me – that is not authentic. But do feed yourself the right people and the right words to shift your perspective. Use time wisely for it is the one precious gift that is fleeting. We need not worry it away. When you’re sinking into that sorrow slow down and perhaps decide to turn down a different road. Learn something, build something, make something for someone else, write a gratitude letter – so many options! Here’s a list, I hope one item intrigues you. There is beauty to be had, always – even when reality does not appear as we had hoped.



LEARN – ANYTHING!:  http://www.coursera.org is a website that offers a plethora of free courses from engineering to languages to plant based cooking.

KEEP IT IN PERSPECTIVE: In no way am I trying to discount anyone’s feelings or circumstances –but often times a gut check is in order, as cliché as it sounds our situations usually ‘could be worse’. Recently I shared space with a woman who lost her child during birth. As a new mother, I couldn’t imagine anything worse and my heart was heavy for days after hearing her story. It sure tugged the reins of my not ideally preoccupied mind back on the right track of gratitude.

HANG WITH THE RIGHT PEEPS – there are folks out there who just get it, who know how to keep their momentum as they navigate through both the good and bad times of life.   You know the ones whose problems seem to roll off their shoulders – make a list of 5 people in your life who fall into this category and make it a point to speak to them or spend time with them.

CREATE CREATE CREATE!  Write a poem, write a song, pick up an instrument, do something with your hands.  Your mind can either create or worry.  Your choice 😉

GIVE THANKS!  It is so lovely to receive a hand written letter in the mail these days.  Over the past decade, the number of first-class mail items sent through the Postal Service has dropped by more than 50% Not counting holiday cards and invitations, the average American household receives just 10 pieces of personal mail per year. Pick up a pen and physically send your gratitude on a card – I know the recipient will love it.



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