Day 86 – Sky’s the limit


Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days” new years resolution was to take an intro flight lesson at ATP flight school in Hayward, CA.  The weather conditions were ideal, a little chop here and there, but clear skies otherwise.  My instructor, Rich, was wonderful.

Flying over the golden gate bridge (which I used to commute across frequently on my bicycle) was beyond magical.  The aerial view makes me feel beautifully insignificant and yet so connected at the same time.  When else have I ever been able to soak in the Bay Area and its 7.65 million inhabitants all at once!?

The experience certainly helped get the career change bee out of my bonnet.  While becoming an Airline Pilot is clearly an amazing, challenging, and rewarding path, I was reminded that my current role in the health and wellness field is where I am meant to be.  I imagine every human at some point asks themselves “my goodness what am I doing with this ONE precious life”?!  My humble advice to help answer that (perhaps) anxiety provoking question is to take a tangible step in a certain direction! Fly the plane, shadow the doctor, audit the grad school class, take a cooking class… we are so fortunate in this country to have tons of opportunity to get a taste of something before fully investing our time and money in it…walking the talk will result in more clarity when it comes to making a decision.  The heart may not say many words, but its message is always loud and clear.  The real question is do we have the courage to LISTEN?

Today solidified my belief that flying through the sky for a job would be epic, hands down, but it also assured me that my passion for contributing work to this world is to have those two hands helping people heal!  As for a hobby, heck yes, I will start saving up to one day get my PPL (private pilot’s license) ;).  More info on ATP below these next pics..


Airline Training Program

ATP is your airline career solution from zero time to airline pilot in about two years – proven by thousands of graduates now flying for regional and major airlines.

  • Private thru Commercial Multi with CFIs
  • Airline-Oriented Training from Day One
  • Fixed Cost in the Shortest Time Frame
  • Pilot Recruiting Events During Training
  • Guaranteed Instructor Jobs to Reach Airline Minimums
    Earning up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement
  • At Least $11,000 in Airline Sponsored Tuition Reimbursement



With airline-oriented, total immersion training from day one, you will graduate from the Airline Career Pilot Program in 9 months (from zero time), earning your Commercial Multi-Engine pilot certificate with Certified Flight Instructor certificates.


After graduating the program, you receive a guaranteed Flight Instructor job with ATP, where you can earn up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement and gain the necessary flight experience to reach airline hiring minimums of 1500 hours.


During your time as a flight instructor, at 500 hours total flight time, you can begin earning at least $11,000 in airline sponsored tuition reimbursement, if qualified.


After approximately 18 months as a flight instructor, you will be at airline minimums and ready to take the next step in your professional pilot career.

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