Day 39- Mental Hygiene

“Meditation is mind without agitation”. Stress causes agitation (I think we all experience a bit these days ;)) and Meditation allows us to take charge of our own nervous system and emotions. Today’s first was an on the spot decision and proved to be quite smart. I was driving up to San Francisco from SiliconContinue reading “Day 39- Mental Hygiene”

Day 16 – The Five Minute Miracle Daily Guided Meditation

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein  Today’s First – Took 5 minutes during a busy work day to close my eyes, hold the face to the sunlight and delve into a 5 minute guided meditation via youtube.  At first I was having trouble quieting theContinue reading “Day 16 – The Five Minute Miracle Daily Guided Meditation”

Day 19

Sunday a.m. Dharma talk at Green Gulch Zen Center Most of the folks there were immersed in a 3 week meditation retreat, Sunday’s lecture open to the public. Main nugget the monk drove home was about how our encountering fellowship while on the quest for our ‘truth’ is in essence the truth itself.  that inContinue reading “Day 19”