Day 16 – The Five Minute Miracle Daily Guided Meditation

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein 

Today’s First – Took 5 minutes during a busy work day to close my eyes, hold the face to the sunlight and delve into a 5 minute guided meditation via youtube.  At first I was having trouble quieting the mind.  I noticed how anxious and judgemental my thoughts were.  One minute into the meditation something shifted and I was able to sink into a relaxed, open minded state.  The power of pausing for a few minutes is incredible – what impacted me the most during this particular meditation was the reminder that we ALL have the “gift” of imagination – and what we do with that blessing is up to us..

here it is, please take Five 😉

*amazing that there are over 1 million views and 6K likes, though I’m not suprised given the pace of society today, we all need a breather now and again.

May you use your gift of imagination for good!



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