Day 39- Mental Hygiene

“Meditation is mind without agitation”. Stress causes agitation (I think we all experience a bit these days ;)) and Meditation allows us to take charge of our own nervous system and emotions.

Today’s first was an on the spot decision and proved to be quite smart. I was driving up to San Francisco from Silicon Valley after working a corporate wellness gig and hit a ton of traffic on 280 (apparently a landslide from all the recent rain). My body is one that likes to be in motion, movement is my medicine!, hence being stagnant in traffic is no bueno for the system. As the bumpers approached I made the split decision to pull off and conveniently landed at a vista point. Proceeded to embark on a 3 minute roadside meditation .. ‘Twas my saving grace.. I was genuinely able to get back into that car with a new brain, accepted what I could not change (traffic) and changed what I could (my attitude!).  Remember even a lil’ goes a looong way..

Benefits of Meditation:

It improves concentration.

The practice increases self-awareness.

It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

It increases happiness.

Meditation increases acceptance.

It slows aging.





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