Day 48

Paddleboard from Seatrek to Bar Bocce – have paddled out from Seatrek a ton, never pulled up on beach at Bar Bocce, fun on a holiday..

beach start from seatrek: 



en route on water to bar bocce: 


arrival bar: 



my life story – when I fly solo I meet the coolest people ever. Taylor and Olivia

(two pro cyclists who get paid to travel around europe and the U.S. racing road bikes.), plus 

Taylor’s folks visiting from Utah: 


Bar was happening: 


route home: 




Today’s emotional lesson: GET OUT.  On the calendar was a hike to Alamere Falls with awesome friend Katy, but goodness my legs woke up screaming at me for overusage this morning. After a couple early morning clients I suggested a plan B to KK, she was super cool with respecting not only my legs need to rest, but her own bod’s craving to run.. off to the dipsea trail she went.  This had me get home from work in the city with accountability to no one. I sat at my computer stressed a bit on what to do as a ‘first’ today and just felt this deep seeded awareness that I had to get out of the chair and out into the world. What ensued was magical. Met the aforementioned cyclist folks, soaked in a fun first and then post paddle had a wildly serendipitous encounter on the beach.  Funny how life likes to play you a beautiful tune when you let go and sit still long enough to listen.. 

that’s all she wrote for today. LIVE IN THE MOMENT!  


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