Day 22


Day 22 – Glass of vino at Barrel House in Sausalito

I was so tired after a long work day but so happy to be recharged by my amazing friend J Scott’s energy(our conversations tend to always invigorate the mind!) So grateful we had this ‘first’ on the calendar.  Happy Hour overlooking Angel Island and the city skyline from Barrel House in Sausalito.. toast to be remembered always… (and as for convo, such a blessing when dialogue with a close friend reminds you of lessons you’ve held near and dear:  So often our minds take us to crazed states of should be, could be, would be when in actuality.. you ARE.  You already are YOU and that you is a divine gift to this world we live in.  The best way to give back is to grow into that authenticity. Be the best YOU, everybody else is already taken 😉 ) 

Tonight made me think of these two quotes:

I’ve finally stopped running away from myself. Who else is there better to be? Goldie Hawn

Imitation is suicide. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beautiful J:





life doesn’t have to be perfect..go out there and live it..good folks are what it is about.

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