Day 44

Today’s First: Climb Rope with an Ascender – After a quick how-to by master tree climber Kylo, felt ready and had a ton of fun.. Thanks Ky 🙂 The Rob Hill Campground was the perfect location and the sun came out just in time for our escapade.  (By far the best coffee break this month, again..what youContinue reading “Day 44”

Day 20

STOKED!  Goal accomplished.  I was planning on going to have a drink at Barrel House as my new thing for today (20 second handstand no wall) was last attempted with miserable fail on Day 8.  Hence the homemade body scrub. Attempt #2 today – 37.1 seconds!! PR and then some, woohoo! Keys were: 1.  Keep armsContinue reading “Day 20”