Foraging for Mushrooms with Mia!


Today was a first for me, I have never foraged for mushrooms (pretty cool that my friends live a short stroll from here).  Mia’s husband gifted her with the mushroom bible for Christmas, she’ll be a fungi expert in no time

Unexpected added bonus – thank you engineer neighbor, Luke! – another first: ride an electric scooter.  Can you believe this puppy can get up to 44mph on flat terrain?



California is known around the world for its wines, but its fungi selection is pretty impressive. The Santa Cruz mountain range, on the Pacific coast of the United States, gets just the right proportion of sun to rainfall to make it an ideal place for mushroom hunting. The best season to go mushroom hunting in the Santa Cruz mountains is late fall, just before the first winter frost…and of course after a ton of rain which we have had the past week!  The mother mushroom above to the right was as hard as a rock! We will ask the pros at the fungi fair tomorrow for more 411.. stay tuned.


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