Day 27- Heels over Head!

Today’s first for the ‘1 new thing a day for 100 days’ NY res was acroyoga with my older sis, Fran.  She was a ROCKSTAR base, I was super impressed by her.  I have minimal to no experience as a ‘flyer’ (the person up air), but from the little I do, I know the key is a solid base (the person creating the foundation of the pose of course;))  Thank you, Franny, for making the challenge flow smoothly and to being open to a new experience with me.  Next time I’ll get a straighter angle in the air 😉 Below the pic is a bit more info on “acroyoga”..




What is Acroyoga?

Acroyoga (also written Acro-Yoga or AcroYoga) is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics.

There are now many schools of AcroYoga. The original two schools were Acroyoga Montreal and Acroyoga Inc.. Acroyoga Montreal was founded by Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku in 1999 combining acrobatics, yoga and dance. Acroyoga Inc., began in San Francisco in 2006, founded by Jason Nemer and Jenny Klein. This practice blends acrobatics, yoga and healing arts. Both schools offer teaching certifications, and despite some differences have many similar poses while using gravity to promote strengthening and stretching


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