DAY 29

‘the eyes are the window to the soul.’  Matthew 6:22-23



 Day 29: Stare into your OWN eyes for 5 full minutes, in silence.

I cannot believe how challenging this was – 5 minutes felt like an eternity. **(ended up having to attempt this ‘first’ twice because during the first go I broke my gaze and looked at the bridge of my nose.)  


Physiologically speaking: It was hard to look directly into both eyes simultaneously while close to the mirror, I had to resort to swapping back and forth between focusing on the R and L.  I wanted to be close enough to the mirror to really hone in on the eyes only, but not so close as to blur the perception.  The deeper into your eyes you peer, the more fascinating they are. Kaleidoscope was the word that kept dancing into my thoughts as I directed my focus further INTO each eye. Just like the cylindrical toy with mirrors, the eye seems to hold tiny beads of color and bits of glass that reflect all sorts of colorful patterns. 

Mentally speaking: It is fascinating where your thoughts start to go.  Until I completely relaxed my forehead and let my mind sink into the experience, my thoughts seemed forced and almost strained.  Once I let go the time spent staring into my eyes became meditative and calming.  I started to feel more like an observer looking in and I was just another person, will have to remember that next time I try to take myself too serious.. just one out of the many masses, beautiful to feel a teeny tiny part of the whole.  

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