Day 28

New wine n’ dine spot via (check it out, goes till end of January and circles back in June) with one of my favorite peeps I’ve met since moving to San Francisco – K2, Kate Kirby.   Restaurant name: Oola

about venue:
Oola Restaurant and Bar focuses on local California ingredients, seasonal produce, and organically farmed meats. Chef Ola Fendert’s menu reflects his European culinary training well as his 23 years of cooking in S.F. restaurants.

photo 2 (50)

before I post the Mahi Mahi entree, I feel obliged to note the highlight of the meal – dessert. (I know I spelled that right b/c my grade school English teacher mentioned you always want MORE dessert, hence 2 s’s ;)).

while big sweet teeth reside in this mouth of mine, Oola’s bread pudding somehow challenged my ability to put the fork down..

On a random side note, the arms below are K2’s rockin’ limbs that spend way more time out paddling through waves and climbing rocks than stuck inside in a gym. Just sayin’ because I know you must have been wondering … 🙂


Mahi Mahi:


ambiance at Oola:





All in all cozy spot – scene was mellow, food delish, service friendly (but super slow just FYI). After chatting with the staff, sounds like late night is best to frequent this jam.  Be sure to check out dine about town, a ton of spots to choose from – http://www.dineabouttown.comImage

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