Day 71 – Credence in Craigslist

Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days” new years resolution was having unbelievable success in finding a room & solid roommates on craigslist.   For the first time the tangible reality exceeded the virtual description – thank you William!  Looking forward to moving in to the new space this week.  AA727F9C-02BA-4C5F-B39E-B4415EE23E97

I grew up in a world sans ‘internet’ and what a wonderful childhood it was.. yet today the beauty of cyberspace shed its light on my reality.  I would never have stumbled upon this hidden gem in the santa cruz mountains if it were not for craigslist.  I left the experience yearning to learn more about this web and encountered some interesting info…

The internet has become something that billions of people can access around the world. Since the birth of the internet as we know it in 1991, it has become a place where millions of people can log into social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter and share ideas, opinions and their lives with those closest to them…

10 random, interesting facts about the internet:

  1. It is 8478 days old
  2. The first registered domain name was
  3. Twitter has 271 million monthly active users.
  4. one million babies have been born from people who met on
  5. the amazon logo is indicating you can get everything from A to Z.
  6. 500 million tweets are sent per day
  7. a single google query uses 1,000 computers in .2 seconds to retrieve an answer.
  8. as of 2013 there were 1 billion websites on the internet
  9. 100 billion emails are sent everyday.
  10. Gangnam style by Psy is still the most viewed youtube video of all time with 2 billion views.

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