Day 70- Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mejico


Tonight’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days” new years resolution was to see the Cirque du Soleil show Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico in San Jose.


Discover LUZIA, where a waking dream transports you to an imaginary Mexico. Experience a wondrous world that inspires you to explore your senses, enveloped in light and nurtured by rain..

Luzia’s Inspiration is drawn from

NATURE AS METAPHOR: In its annual migratory journey from Canada to Mexico, the monarch embodies the deep connection between two sister countries. Spreading its butterfly wings, the Running Woman personifies the legendary speed of the fleet-footed Tarahumara people.

A NOD TO MODERNITY: Mexico shines with its monumental avant-garde architectural wonders.  In a nod to highly modern structures, the 300 mirrors on each of the swimmers’ costumes sparkle in the limelight.

ODE TO SURREALISM: The characters with hummingbird head and wings are straight out of Aztec mythology. They are part of Luzia’s surreal menagerie where it is perfectly normal to encounter a woman wrapped in an iguana shawl, a man gobbled up by a fish, or a guitarist with a crocodile head.

LIVING EMBODIMENTS OF MYTHOLOGY: A demigod of rain emerges from the pristine waters of a “cenote”, a naturally occurring sinkhole the Mayan believed was a gateway to the afterlife.  He gains the trust of a magnificent jaguar, an iconic figure in Mayan and pre-Hispanic mythology.



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