Day 69 – Time to be a lady

Today’s first for the ‘one new thing a day for 100 days’ new years resolution was to give my always playing outside hands a little manicure love.  This ‘first’ is thanks to my amazing sister, Fran, who gifted me a manicure for my bday.  She knows what a tomboy I am and always pokes fun at my nails – she is right 🙂 look how much better the ‘after’ is (pic on the right below.).   My manicurist was Ling, she moved here from Vietnam with her parents when she was 7.   She is now 22, works at the salon 4 days a week, school 2 days a week and 1 free day.  She is studying english, but I was impressed by how much she already knows after only 2 semesters.


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1 Response to Day 69 – Time to be a lady

  1. Frances Hardy says:

    Love it! Happy birthday to you my beautiful sister!

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