Day 36-purifying the heart

Today’s first: Attended a Medicine Buddha Puja at The Land of the Medicine Buddha (“a center for healing and developing a good heart”).

Puja is a prayer ceremony..

Sundays at 2pm
Medicine Buddha is the manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened beings. Prayers to Medicine Buddha are especially powerful because of the extensive prayers they took to benefit sentient beings. They strongly prayed for the temporal and ultimate happiness of all sentient beings; they vowed that their prayers would be actualized during these times.

Venerable Samten recites the puja in Tibetan. You can follow along in the prayer book, FPMT Essential Buddhist Prayers, Volume 2, starting on page 102.
Sunday is the day that the puja is scheduled at a regular time so that the public can attend, but the Medicine Buddha Puja is performed daily at Land of Medicine Buddha by Venerable Samten and other staff members.

“and when we pass away from this life, may we be born from a lotus in that Buddha-field, qualities complete.”

If you would like to request a prayer – so that you or a loved one receives dedications of the merit at the end of the puja – go to the location’s website: and search for puja.


Another first today was to spin the Pagoda prayer wheel (one of the center’s oldest prayer wheels, contains 64 billion mantras):

“not to do any evil whatsoever, to cultivate virtue and everything admirable and to fully purify one’s mind”-this is the teaching of the lord Buddha

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