Day 31- a taste of nature’s music – Fall Creek

What Magic.  Isn’t it wild to think of the interconnectedness of the roots of the trees in a redwood forest?  The entire forest is actually one large organism.  As we look at the individual trees, it is easy to forget that what allows them to grow so tall and keeps them so stable is the vastContinue reading “Day 31- a taste of nature’s music – Fall Creek”

Day 60

Muir Beach Overlook.    Muir Beach Overlook is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. People may visit this cliffside park when driving on Highway 1 north of San Francisco, California and south of Stinson Beach, California. It has views of Pacific oceanside cliffs and on clear days you can see San Francisco. YouContinue reading “Day 60”

Day 53 Ala-mazing-mere Falls – whoa.

Yep, Bay Area Folks, this gem is right in our backyard.  Could spend a lifetime exploring Pt Reyes National Seashore.  Short video for you, plus pics and logistics. Hope you decide to go! *kinda sketchy part of trail to get down to the beach to see the waterfall in full action. there is an optionContinue reading “Day 53 Ala-mazing-mere Falls – whoa.”