Day 53 Ala-mazing-mere Falls – whoa.


Yep, Bay Area Folks, this gem is right in our backyard.  Could spend a lifetime exploring Pt Reyes National Seashore.  Short video for you, plus pics and logistics. Hope you decide to go!






*kinda sketchy part of trail to get down to the beach to see the waterfall in full action. there is an option to hike to wildcat camp ground, then back track 2 miles via beach, but honestly this route is more than doable..if you are in company who is REALLY not comfortable rock scrambling I would opt for beach, but for 75% of folks, stick with the ‘alamere falls’ tangent trail off of coast trail. (you will see it about 1/10th of a mile past Bass Lake on your left. This is the signage:


*this is the spot I mentioned..



Trailhead is Palomarn Trail. Easy access.  Take Shoreline Highway towards Bolinas, turn Left on Olema/Bolinas Rd like you are heading toward Bolinas (road is not marked FYI, but first left you can take after winding 14 miles on HWY 1N from Tam Junction). If you hit “Olema Valley”, bust a u-turn.  About 2 miles, you’ll see Mesa Rd on your right, take that turn. Follow this ALL the way to the end, parking lot for Palomarin awaits you. Go on a weekday or EARLIER than 9am.  Unless you like crowds 🙂   Be safe, HAVE FUN!

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1 Response to Day 53 Ala-mazing-mere Falls – whoa.

  1. Is this paradise on earth????? Fantastic!!! The rock climb looks challenging….Bucket list to be sure!

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