Day 65 – Community Workspace

Today’s first for the ‘one new thing a day for 100 days’ new years resolution was using a free 1/2 day pass at Satellite – a “co-working” space – to get much needed admin work done for my business.  What a great concept, to nurture a team-orientated environment among independent entrepreneurs.  Meeting like minded people who are involved in a variety of industries was an added bonus to utilizing the awesome space.  This “space share” idea is becoming quite popular  – tons of locations spread throughout the state. (similar companies are and Camaraderie sure does make for a better workplace! I appreciated being able to witness the relationships that have clearly developed among frequent Satellite visitors, as well as feeling right at home as a one time visitor.

  1. mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

    Susie, the wonderful office manager, is pictured below. She made the logistics quite smooth for me today, Thanks S!


“The Satellite Los Gatos is the office and workspace you need — co-working, private offices, virtual office plans, meeting and conference rooms — available when you need it, 24/7.”

More info:
The Satellite Centers is developing a network of comfortable, connected, professional workspace and office space for rent in community commercial districts — for everyone from telecommuters to solopreneurs to consultants, therapists, salespeople, and startups.

Why The Satellite CentersSatellite Centers offer a mix of private offices, workstations, meeting and touchdown space, virtual office plans, mail services, print/scan/copy facilities and videoconferencing — available 24/7 to members and during the working day for non-members. Each Satellite Center includes high-speed broadband Internet, ergonomic seating, community events, VoiP phone plans, virtual office plans, computer and admin support, and free coffee.

Different membership offerings and The Satellite’s unique technology enable people to have just what they need, whether they want a full-time office or just a professional business address, a place to drop into with a laptop or to make conference calls, somewhere to meet clients for an hour here or there, a meeting space for community activities or regular classes, help with a powerpoint, or a workstation for a few days every week.

The Satellite Centers help companies reduce facility costs, reduce attrition and absenteeism, meet environmental goals and have the flexibility to open in new regions without the hassle of long term leases. They help individuals work close to home, but away from the distractions and isolation of working at home. And Satellites benefit communities, through avoided commutes (and gridlocked roads and emissions) while increasing activity to local coffee shops, restaurants and stores by providing office space for rent in your neighborhood.

Locations and hours on their site:

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