Not  only  does  water  improve  the  way  we  function,  but  it  also  improves  the  way  we  feel  and  the  way  we  look.   Some  of  the  natural  perks  water  has  to  offer  include:   *‡Hydration  of  internal  organs,  enabling  them  to  function  properly   ‡

*Hydration  of  skin,  keeping  it  looking  fresh  and  healthy   ‡

*Weight  control

*‡Increased  energy

*‡Alleviating/preventing  a  variety  of  ailments  and  keeping  the  immune  system    healthy

*‡Regulating  body  temperature   ‡

*Flushing  out  waste  and  toxins

Hydration  Tips

Chew your water, let the saliva mix with it – will inject your water with your own chi and will digest better
Drink  1  liter  of  water  per  every  50  lbs  of  body  weight.  Do  your  best  to  drink  room  temperature  water  between   meals  as  to  not  dilute  your  digestive  enzymes.  Ex:  150  lbs=  3  liters  or  100oz
Water with minerals is very important.  If you use reverse osmosis with your water, be sure to add back the trace minerals, so it  gets  delivered  to  your  cells  and  hydrates  you.  (1  t  per  liter)
Drink  water  every  15-­30  minutes  while  exercising.
Drink  BEFORE  you  get  thirsty  because  being  thirsty  is  a  sign  of  dehydration.
Limit  consumption  of  caffeine  which  can  dehydrate  you  because  it  acts  as  diuretic.
Coconut water is an amazing tool to replenish electrolytes
Carry  a  non-­plastic  reusable  water  bottle  with  you  at  all  times.
Eat  more  fruits  and  vegetables  which  contain  water.
Learn  the  signs  of  dehydration:  headache,  fatigue,  muscle  cramps,  increased  heart  rate  and  body  temperature   and  decreased  perspiration  and  urination.  Many  every  day  ailments  can  be  cured  by  increasing  water   consumption

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