Day 74 – DO hold your breath ;)

Today’s first – static breath hold personal best (lame in comparison to the pros, but I was stoked as I’ve never held my breath past 50 seconds or so.  Certainly have a lot more to learn and a ton of techniques to practice.) For me there is nothing more meditative than an activity that draws the mind into the body and while I had anticipated taking my thoughts to a far away land during this exercise, it turned out the pre-hold breathing techniques pulled me right inside to my core essence. We all know our weaknesses, holding my breath has always been a weak spot.. was amazed when I was able to hit 2 minutes and 40 seconds this afternoon.  I can attribute it completely to the instructors and the techniques they taught us to decrease the amount of CO2 in our blood so the body doesn’t feel the dire need to exhale.  Learning more on the physiology behind all this tomorrow.  Funny when we allow ourselves to swim in our fear.  Growth. Discovery. Potential we were unaware of to be found..













While I didn’t snap any pictures during the course (wasn’t the right vibe), this was a pic along my route home.  Stayed in the woods this weekend.. goodness nature is my church.





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