Day 2

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Day 2: Visited one of our country’s first environmentally friendly, ‘green’ cemeteries.   Ironically this beautiful place is in my backyard and had yet to explore it.  My plan for a new activity that day was to head down to an acupuncture clinic that gives Veterans free treatments on Thursday nights.  As a Vet I’ve been meaning to check it out.  Found out they were closed for the week and was driving home to Marin pretty anxious with what I was going to do that was ‘new’.  Frustrated, tired, and really just wanting to go home I took a left down Tennessee Valley Road on instinct and pulled into a lot to slow down and think.  Not sure why the anxiety was so heavy over a simple decision over what cool new thing to get after – but it was  loud.  I digress – I lifted my head up to see a parking sign ‘parking for Fernwood only’.  Hmm..  sometimes ya just gotta Let Go and Let God, right?

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