HAPPY 2014! Where will it take you!?

Last New Year’s rather than a resolution per-say, I decided to do one new thing a day for 100 straight days.  It was a blast.  Looking back, aside from cell phone pictures, my method of documentation was pretty lame.  This year I am going to take on the challenge again and post on this site.  We so easily get stuck into our routines of heading to the same trail, restaurant.. even in our own backyards there are places we have yet to tread.   

Day 1:  It is 11am right now and I am at a local java shack in Tam Junction, 1/4 of a mile from where I live.  Hopping on my scooter to head into the city and go to Breakfast of Champions – first time experience.  Gotta love San Francisco.  To be able to trail run in the morning and then in 20 minutes be dancing here:  http://www.spacecowboys.org/

Mission accomplished with friend and colleague Herberto  –

photo 2  photo 1 

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