Day 89 – Gayle’s


Today’s first for the ‘one new thing a day for 100 days’ new years resolution was a sweet one, pun fully intended.  I have driven by this bakery over 20 times, it was about time I got my tush in the door!  Boy am I glad I did…I splurged on a Marionberry Turnover. YUM-my.

Marionberry= The marionberry is a vigorously growing trailing vine, usually producing just a few canes up to 20 feet long. The vines have many large spines, and the fruiting laterals are long and strong, producing many berries. The berry is glossy and, as with many blackberries, appears black on the plant, but turns a deep, dark purple when frozen and thawed. It is medium in size and tends to be conical, longer than it is wide. The berry has a somewhat tart flavor, fairly earthy with traces of sweetness. It is larger, sweeter and juicier than the ‘Evergreen’ blackberry. The relative complexity of its flavor has led to a marketing label as the “Cabernet of Blackberries”.  The more powerful flavor of the marionberry has led to it dominating current blackberry production. It is often preferred over other blackberries as an ingredient in pies, ice cream, jellies, jams and other foods

Julia, pictured below, has worked at Gayle’s since she was 16.. now is 26, studying to become an archeologist.


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