Day 60-Cabrillo counselor

Today’s first for the “one new thing a day for 100 days” New Year’s resolution was an express meeting with a counselor at Cabrillo College in order to discuss potentially stepping on the physician’s assistant path ( which would require repeating several prerequisites that have expired since my undergrad, getting old ;)). It was a very enlightening 10 minutes.  Upon graduating from the  United States Naval Academy, “choice” was clear-cut and boiled down to a handful of options. Today I experienced what it would’ve been like to attend a civilian college where the sky is the limit with regard to choosing a path- my goodness! Exciting and overwhelming.  We are so lucky in this country,  so much opportunity.    I was however reminded of how important it is to stay focused on our truth.  To follow our heart and be sure the voice we are heeding is coming from within 😘

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