Day 47- Triton Art Museum


Today’s First for the ‘one new thing a day for 100 days new years res’: Stepped into the Triton Art Museum before an in home client in San Jose.  It was great!
The Triton Museum of Art is an art and local history museum located in Santa Clara, California.


For 50 years, the Triton Museum of Art has been a destination for the community, providing a venue where local artists exhibit their work alongside regional and national artists, and where students of all ages learn about art and the creative process. Located across the street from the Santa Clara Civic Center, the Triton Museum of Art collects and exhibits contemporary and historical works with an emphasis on artists of the Greater Bay Area.
The Museum was founded in 1965 by W. Robert Morgan and is the oldest non-university Museum in Santa Clara, California. The Museum is a nonprofit organization that is primarily supported by contributions from its members and the wider community at large.


(the above was by Chester Arnold, loved his work)

OIL TRANSFER DRAWINGS inspired by Paul Klee:

(Paul Klee: Klee was inventive in many ways. Just as he made his own tools and brushes, so he developed his own techniques. For example his ‘oil-transfer’ of which all drawings shown in this post are examples. His ‘oil-transfer’ was essentially a home-made tracing system. A sheet of paper coated with black oil paint was, when dry to the touch, laid face down on what would be the host sheet for the image. On top of both was placed a drawing, the lines of which were retraced with an etching needle so as to press the oil paint onto the bottom sheet. The atmosphere of these ‘oil-transfer’ drawings is enhanced by the smudges of black paint pressed through by the drawing hand and which provides a resist to the superimposed coloured washes.)


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