Day 45- ordinary becomes extraordinary. redwood city YMCA

Today’s first for the “1 new thing a day for 100 days” New Years res was swimming at the redwood city YMCA, smart move to wait out traffic (worked a corporate wellness gig in Silicon Valley.) While I was swimming,  I was starting to get down on myself for not coming up with a better “first”, but then once I engaged in a conversation with the lifeguard  I was reminded of an important life lesson I taught myself last year: ordinary moments can become extraordinary when we open our eyes and ears wider.

Would you believe that the lifeguard live at the base of the trailhead of the Fall Creek Trail I blogged about on day 31.. A good hour away..? Not only that,  but also  he and his wife just got a mini Australian Shepherd (my fav).   I am going to meet them this weekend for a hike  🌝



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