Day 42- Betty Burger


Today’s first new experience for the ‘one new thing a day for 100 days’ New Years res wasn’t much of a challenge.  Ate a Betty Burger… yum

note from Betty:

Hi, I’m Betty

Folks are always asking, “Betty this is a damn good burger– best in town–where did a girl like you learn to make a burger like this?” Well here is my story..

I came from a small speck of a town in the Texas Panhandle. “Big Dutch Dixon” was the only family I ever knew. He raised me from the time mama hitched a ride with a surfer dude passing through, heading to California. I’ll never forget that day. I was just five when we watched mama wave goodbye as the red convertible sped out of town with the Beach boys blasting on the 8-track. She never looked back. As a kid, I watched those old Gidget movies and thought of mama and her Moon doggie.

Now dutch didn’t have many talents but he could ride a Harley like a greased hog and made a wicked good Mesquite burger. Many said the best in Texas. Anyway, like they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and at 16 I headed west to find mama. Dutch vowed he’d never cook another burger till I returned. Well I found plenty of beach boys, some I even loved. One used to call me “Gidget gone bad”. I never did find mama or a burger as good as Dutch’s. Dutch passed on a few years back and all he left me was his burger recipe. Hell, I didn’t know the man could write, so here I am.
Kisses, Betty

*Betty burgers are made with fresh, all natural beef. No antibiotics, no hormones in her beef ever.*

I opted for the Smokin’ Betty (1/2 lb burger with roasted balsamic onions, bacon, lettuce tomato, and avocado (well it technically comes with smoked cheddar but I swapped out for avo :))

Rarely eat at take out burger joints, but wow this one does it right



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