Day 32 – Music and Brew

Tagline for tonight’s venue: “Drink. Eat. Repeat.”    (Way to live it right, Discretion Brewing!)

Today’s first for the “1 new thing a day for 100 days” new years res was refreshing not only for the tastebuds, but for the heart.   There’s nothing quite like live music to bring one more into the PRESENT, the gift of living in the moment.  As Shakespeare said in Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” To change your feelings, you need only to change the way you’re thinking about your situation.  Well wow did I ever witness a shift in my mind from petty stress to gratitude as I felt the beats being played and eased into a place where all that really mattered was the smiles I saw on the faces of those around me.

The new experience tonight was going to Discretion Brewing where my dear friend Katie’s boyfriend was playing.  His band: Anthony Presti – here is their site:

More on discretion:

Up to 12 styles of pure goodness on tap
Farm-to-table comfort food, made to order
Conversation and conviviality for all ages
A refreshing respite from television
Fresh air and the company of dogs in the beer garden
A quiet corner with a book, or a place at the big table with old and new friends
A view into the brewery with all its sights, sounds and delicious smells
A growler filled with your favorite beer to take home, fresh from the taps


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