Day 24 – Bison Bliss


Today’s First: Scoped out the Bison Paddock in Golden Gate Park. Very interesting facts..had not realized GGP once served as a breeding ground for these folks..


*The bison is the largest living animal native to North America. Standing more than six feet tall at the shoulder and weighing more than a ton, the males are about 1/3 larger than females.

The sheer number of bison and their migratory habits made them the dominant force in shaping much of our prairie ecosystem.


Until 100 years ago, 30-60 million bison roamed North America’s Prairies One frontiersman told of a herd five miles wide and 12 miles long. As railroads were built across the great plains, bison were killed for food skins and to deprive the Plains Indians of their primary food source.

On February 13, 1891 – when the species was close to extinction – the first bison was brought to Golden Gate Park. By 1998 more than 100 calves had been born in the captive breeding program and the total number of Bison in North America exceeded 200,000!


One thought on “Day 24 – Bison Bliss

  1. Such fun to follow your amazing and always interesting adventures, especially viewed from the gray winter days in New York! Love those Bison! Butterflies fascinating too! Keep it up!

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